Certified Associates

Certified Associates

DEE Certified Associates (DCAs)

There are many independent (one man) consultants in the UK and elsewhere offering advisory services to their small business clients but who do not have access to the full range of management systems, techniques, support and software that is available in the larger Management consultancies. In order to empower / support such independent consultants, to help small businesses and to make DEE software, DEE related services and DEE templates more widely available, DEE –Global offers training courses for such such independent consultants who wish to become DCAs.The emerging demand for services related to SDGs will generate much more work for our DCAs as they will get access to and training on DEE templates that can be  applied in each of the 17 sectors covered by the SDGs.

Training is undertaken in an intensive 3-day course and the trainees are required to pass an examination at the end of the training to become certified as DEE Certified Associates (DCAs). In order to maintain their certification and inclusion on the DEE–Global approved DCA register, DCAs must implement at least 2 DEE applications per  year using the online DEE software. DEE –Global maintains a register of DEE Certified Associates(DCAs) available in different parts of a country and passes names of local DCAs to potential clients when contacted with inquiries to provide services. This provides leads on potential clients for registered DCAs.

The benefits for registered DCAs (in addition to possible leads on potential new clients) is that DCAs get access to the exclusive “membership only” areas that are being developed on the DEE Global website. This contains DEE frameworks from the DEE library of hundreds of previous DEE frameworks (the library grows as each new application and related DEE framework is developed as these are then automatically placed into the DEE framework library). These can be accessed /used / adapted as desired by DCAs for their own projects. Often with just minor changes, a previous DCA developed framework from a particular industry or action plan from somewhere else ( eg Forestry in Scotland ) can be easily adapted for use by another DCA for use with his clients in other locations ( eg Forestry in England ) .  The basic content, structure, needs and sorts of activities will be largely similar so that, with only minor adaptation, it may be capable of use with other clients in the same field. This will also enable DCAs to generate work by going to existing clients and suggesting applications that they know are being done in similar organizations elsewhere.

Since each DCA is required to deposit his DEE frameworks into the common DEE Library, the number and variety of DEE frameworks and applications areas will grow rapidly. DCAs will eventually have thousands of possible DEE frameworks that they can search for and adapt for use on their own projects. The DCA membership area also provides discussion forums for DCAs to exchange tips, places to ask the DEE wider community for advice, twitter feeds on DEE related topics, updates and news about DEE applications and software, DEE Guru videos, Webinars, white papers, etc. This will be designed as an exclusive DCA “members” club which they will want to visit regularly.