(What other people have said  about Alan Ross

(original testimonial letters available for inspection)

1       International Red Cross

 “….. very impressed even on that first visit by the drive and commitment that he brought to the task and my regard for his abilities has grown considerably since then……...He seems to possess limitless supply of energy and is a very dynamic person with a clear vision of what he wants to achieve. He is also very innovative and a lateral thinker who seems to have a natural ability to develop clever solutions and linkages to create win–win situations for all involved. Alan is culturally sensitive, can manage diversity and an excellent communicator …….an asset to any organisation that wants to make things happen “ Ibrahim Osman , Under- Secretary General, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies

2       World Bank 

 “…have highest regard for his professionalism and competence .He is recognised internationally as one of the leading experts in his field ….His international reputation plus his extensive contacts was a primary reason why the Bank asked him …to assist in creating a global coalition ….he led the World Bank efforts to create this  international coalition…consisting of about 70 of the leading international agencies, development Banks and private sector organisations around the world   ….. is a person of the highest integrity, a strong work ethic and brings a passion for his work that positively affects all around him. I have no hesitation in confirming that Dr Ross has relevant skills for any activities or enterprise which might require extensive knowledge of the developing world and a wide range of contacts in major international organisations, development Banks , United Nations agencies and Governments “      John Flora ,  Director , Transport   Sector , The World Bank

 3       United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

 “He is one of the most highly respected experts in his field worldwide and author of guidelines in widespread use in transport and communications Ministries throughout Africa and other parts of the world ….has tremendous determination, energy and an enormous range of contacts around the world … …..rare ability to see opportunities and synergies where others do not and the drive to make things happen ….. he was able to achieve the remarkable result of bringing together and building a powerful coalition of over 70 international organisations …..His very bold Strategy  and Action Plan  for GRSP if implemented as designed, would go a long way towards helping solve problems in Africa and elsewhere “Dr ME Dhliwayo, Transport Programme Coordinator , United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

 4              DaimlerChrysler Corporation                              

 .”.. personal involvement, professionalism and competence was the key in getting such a major international Coalition together and established GRSP in a remarkably short time ….Convincing the private sector and Daimler Chrysler to participate….relied on your international reputation and extensive contacts ……achieved amazing results …building a powerful coalition of over 70 international organisations .”    Peter Hartmann , Director, DaimlerChrysler Corporation

 5       Asian Development Bank

 “…built up his consulting practice ..since come to be recognised internationally as the leading firm and market leader worldwide in its niche market ..impressed by the way he was able to tap into his extensive network of contacts around the world to build the necessary coalition to get …..established and operational in such a short time …..He is very well known to many staff in the Bank and is held in high regard for his professionalism, commitment, integrity and ability to make things happen …. No hesitation in commending him to anyone seeking a very hard working committed and talented strategist to lead any organisation or team. He has an extensive network of contacts in Transport Ministries in the developing world “    Charles Melhuish , Senior Transport Policy Specialist ,  Asian Development Bank

6       United Nations Economic Commission for Asia and Pacific

 “ Dr Ross is very innovative in his ideas and always looks for creative solutions and synergies to maximise benefits for his clients ……..We have always found him to be a very energetic and committed person …..have observed his determination and can-do attitude ….I believe he would be an asset to any organisation with a need for a  very well-motivated ,innovative person with an extensive network of contacts across the Asia –Pacific region “  Dr M Rahmatullah,  Director of Transport , Communications ,Tourism and Infrastructure Development ,  United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia Pacific

7       Inter American Development Bank

 “ a leading international  expert …..have personally found Dr Ross to be a valuable contributor …combining a vast array of knowledge and experience and a practical approach to solve problems , devise strategies and programs with a keen sense of implementation issues. He is an enthusiastic communicator and ..has succeeded in various instances to convince skeptics of the feasibility of undertaking ambitious tasks …I know Dr Ross to be hard working and highly energetic with a dynamic approach to reality and the necessary flexibility to satisfy client needs. I personally have no hesitation in recommending him for his innovative and dedicated work in the various areas of his expertise “ Jacques Roumani , Senior Operations Evaluation Officer, Inter –American Development Bank


                                    TESTIMONIALS ABOUT DEE TECHNIQUE

                                  (What people who are familiar with DEE have said )

Full testimonials from previous users are available on request. Extracts from DEE users are given below:

1  “I have been impressed with the way DEE has enabled us to address the complex process of developing benchmarks from our internal BV Review of Police Training that we can apply to individual forces to assess their state of readiness for change… By working through the DEE process we were able to amend our original frameworks such that we are likely to reduce resistance from those forces unused to public inspection and comparison…” Keith Brimacombe , Project Manager, National Project for Best Value in Police Training

2  "As a user of the software, I would recommend the DEE software to potential users because it is user friendly, provides a clear picture of every aspect of the project and is genuinely a useful management tool. For all future projects in which I am involved, the DEE technique software would be my monitoring program of choice…" Norman Thompson, Senior Engineer, Public Works Department, Fiji

3  "DEE has provided early warning of problems and its summary management graphs have kept all government ministries and other stakeholders fully informed about progress at all times. DEE is a very effective strategic management tool. We are so pleased with DEE technique and software, that we are using it to monitor the proposed follow-on 5 year Action plans for the next phase of development…." Chandra Shekher, Executive Director of National Road Safety Council, Fiji

4  " We have been impressed with the ease of use and effectiveness of the DEE software in permitting effective strategic management on a recently completed US$110M road project and related road safety plan… The proactive management has resulted in exceptional success in terms of projects and action plans completed to date…" Rishi Adhar, Senior Project Implementation Officer, South Pacific Regional Mission, Asian Development Bank

5 "DEE software has been used to monitor a complex World Bank project in Nepal. The total project cost was about US$81M… Compared to numerous (and, in most cases, more expensive) alternative monitoring systems I have seen in the World Bank and other international organisations, I believe DEE is one of the most user friendly and most effective monitoring systems available for monitoring and evaluation of Action Plans and Projects…" Stein Lundebye, Senior Transport Engineer, South Asia Region, World Bank

6  "DEE provided a unique, systematic and very effective way to compare and contrast strengths, weaknesses and training needs across the Asia Pacific region… DEE is an excellent tool for benchmarking and making assessments against a predefined 'desired standard' and from personal experience of seeing its use on a multi country regional project, I can thoroughly recommend it…" Charles Melhuish, Senior Policy Specialist, Asian Development Bank.

A major benefit of DEE, apart from providing a very effective tool for managing performance during implementation, is that it focuses specifically on monitoring progress made towards achievement of objectives and agreed impacts. Reporting is undertaken via simple graphs showing planned and actual progress towards achievement of the agreed impacts. It eases the tasks of the project manager, reduces demands upon his time, gives him a very good overview of progress across the board at any point in time and allows him to focus his limited time on those aspects needing his most urgent attention. DEE is particularly relevant to the needs of Development Banks, Aid Agencies and Governments and has a proven track record of successful delivery on real projects . It can be applied to any sector and can give early warning of potential technical and organisational under performance.